Sunday, December 9, 2018

                 Therapy to Inner Peace-Center!

                    Vatogna Steward, PLLC

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Welcome to the first step in finding a therapist to aid you in your healing and development.    My practice highlights individuals, families and couples who are ready to make a change in their life.   In my therapeutic approach I integrate several therapeutic approaches that have key characteristics to aid the client in their own healing and development.  I allow the client to engage their thoughts which can drive their actions which will impact their overall worldview.  I use an individualized approach that enables the client to see what modality they can grow from.  I am currently certified as a TF-CBT therapist


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  1. Consider letting go of the battle rather than objecting to or disputing what is occurring. Strangely, the more you accept things as they are, the more room there is for inspired action and creative energy. You are just tying yourself to that powerful energy when you allow yourself to become emotionally attached to feelings of disgust, aversion, and hatred. When you accept what is, inspired action and original solutions are easier to come by.

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